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Welcome to my store & blog where I promote my business based on essential oils & synergy cosmetics.  As a Naturopath I have passion to help people and to create products to make life happier and healthier.

My business interests are this blog to promote my handmade products – which are available in Store

My Naturopathy Business based in Bilambil Heights Northern NSW

Evolve Within Naturopathy
Evolve Within ~ Naturopath – Bilambil Heights Northern NSW

Services available at Evolve Within are based on a personal assessment by Anne – by Appointment

Evolve Within by Naturopath Anne – Services Provided – Personal One on One service for you


For Naturopathy ~ How can I get something specially made?

That’s easy.  Just send me an email with your condition or preferance for inclusion or exclusion of a item/products and I will tailor make it for you.

Why do some of your products have ingredients labels and others not?

This is a work in progress. I started making products that I want and use. When I really look at the ingredients list on other companies products and what is in them…..well I was a little surprised. I wanted to produce natural, organic and good products without the chemicals. I do understand that some things are needed to preserve the product but will reduce this as much as possible or preferable eliminate and use a natural one. These often cost more, which is why big companies don’t use them; it reduces their profit margin.

So..back to the question….this is work in progress.  As a one person business, I am designing, producing and multitasking. Label design is really tricky and I appreciate the detail that is squeezed onto a label more these days. This is currently being done. However if you want to know before hand then contact me.

Is lumps or “blooms” in balms normal?

Yes it is. The lump or “blooms” can appear throughout the product. This is not mold or bacteria! The shea butter along with other skin butters like, mango, and cocoa all have different melting points. They naturally contain fatty acids, stearic acid and vitamins throughout, which is what our skin loves about them and why I use them. Shea butter in particular has a rather low melting point, and cools down at room temperature. Sometimes, in hot summer temperatures the shea butter to melts and when it cools slowly reforming, the fatty acids start to become solid faster than the stearic acid, which actually has a high melting point.

This can cause grains or fat “blooms” to appear. By simple putting the jar in boiling water and re-melting it will allow everything to blend again and show a smooth consistency. Cooling in the freezer can prevent “blooms” appearing with temperature variations.

What preservatives are used in your products?


Preservative E – This is a synthestic preservative with Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin however it’s often at trace amounts only and never ever more than 1%. This is a fast acting preservative and may be found in products with high reactives organics (clays, soap, shampoo, water based items). Check the ingredients list. It is a cosmetic preservative offering you broad based protection against bacteria, yeasts and mould fungi. It’s unique formulation offering multi functional actions.


Leucidal Liquid is a probiotic-based ingredient created by the fermentation of Lactobacillus. A members of the lactic acid bacteria family, Lactobacillus is capable of restricting the growth of other microorganisms by acidifying its environment.For many cosmetic formulations. Broad spectrum of antibacterial activity Antimicrobial Processing Information states that Leucidal Liquid is Salicylate Free.

It is also GMO Free and no ethoxylation, irradiation, sulphonation, hydrogenation, or ethylene oxide is used in processing. Leudical Liquid can function as a natural alternative to synthetic preservatives.

Naturaguard is gluconolactone & sodium benzoate.

It is a broad spectrum preservative that is accepted by Ecocert and COSMOS. GMO free and not tested on animals.  Has inherent skin conditioning properties often used for sensitive skin and in baby skin range

Grapefruit Seed Extract

Grapefruit Seed Extract is derived from the seeds, pulp and fruit peel of the Grapefruit, and is presented in a vegetable glycerin base.

It is a broad spectrum anti microbial, commonly used in cosmetic products to help prevent growth of bacteria, moulds and fungi. It is also used as a disinfectant, antiseptic and antioxidant in cosmetics

Vitamin E

Derived from Soybean Oil, our Natural Vitamin E contains 70% Tocopherols

Tocopherols are natural antioxidants that help to maintain healthy cells and provide protection to your skin. Vitamin E helps to reduce inflammation which can reduce signs of premature ageing as inflammatory conditions in the skin are a leading cause of skin ageing. It is also an excellent moisturizer and helps to soothe irritations, keeping the skin looking healthy and soft.

Vitamin E can also assist with protecting the skin from environmental pollution and UV radiation, and is known for its fantastic wound-healing properties. Although Vitamin E is naturally present in the skin, it depletes over time with age and sun-exposure.

Natural Vitamin E is the perfect addition to your cosmetic formulation, and whilst it is not a preservative, it can be useful to help boost the stability of your product

Where can I find information about your ingredients?

You can contact me if you have any concerns and the information is not ‘shown’ on the product information.

Why does it take a week for my product to arrive?

Products are hand made by me and my staff (hubby). I only make small batches of products at a time as I want to use natural preservatives and not mega chemical ones that give you a shelf life of 2+ years. So when an order is put in I make it within a few days. I also hand sterilize every bottle, which also takes time.

Every product is made with care and that takes time. Working to connect with my consumers; I engage and create with love and gratitude that you love these products too.

Are your products organic, natural? Why aren’t there logos on them or recognized by affiliated companies/governing bodies?

So there is a difference between organic, natural, chemical free etc etc…this can become confusing I know.


Organic: COSMOS, OFC…my base products are certified but because I am making my own products from them then I need to get them recertified. This is expensive for a small company like me. So I ask that you trust me. Anyone that knows me, knows that I have integrity and would not be dishonest. If need be I can send info without my supplier information.


Do you reuse and recycle?

Most definetly. I hate waste and contributing to the mega environmental problems that our society is facing.

The fill in your boxes are all shedded myself and I recycle all large boxes that my bulk base products come it. The bubble wrap is reused. . If you get those little white “beans” in your box when delivered that all reused. Sometime, more often than not actually, even postage items will be recycled and thus reused.

Why is your policy of reusing bottles?

I will gladly refill any bottle that you have with the orginal product. This reduces the waste to our environment and is the main reason most of my products are glass. Yes the muscle balm can break but just be careful-wrap it in glad wrap if travelling with it. Glass is so much better for you, the environment and your product.

The only none glass items are the deodorant – basically to buy the glass style would skyrocket the price to $5 extra each bottle and on top of that I couldn’t buy less than 100,000 glass deodorant bottles! I am looking at a push up (kraft like my lip balm) solid deodorant stick.

The shampoo and conditioner bottles will not be glass due to safety reasons, wet environment etc.

However if you want you bottles refilled, plastic or glass, then I suggest you contact me. You should sterilize them either with miltons baby sterilizer or boiling water to prevent growth in your product. Your name would need to be clearly on it somewhere. I would also suggest that you have two of the item so while one is being refilled than the other you can use.

Will I save money buy refilling my bottle?

Yes and no. I can reduce the price a little by 50c. I know its not much but I am not marking my products up like most other companies. I still keep the price for what awesome real products you are getting, being handmade, at a very low cost to you. You can buy some things at other places for a fraction more or at the same price. Using natural base products and preservatives cost more; this is why other companies often choose the cheaper alternatives.

So if you do opt to refill you are really making that choice because you care about the environment! And that’s awesome!!

I hope all this information helps you to better understand my products and business ethics.

Thanks for Visiting and any questions please contact Anne