New to Synergy Cosmetics – Evolve Within Crystals and Jewellery.

Evolve Within now stocks a large range of Energy and Healing Crystals, in the form of Jewellery, Crystal Grids, Geodes, Generators, Points, Lasers, Palm stones, Selenite Wands and Knives, Thumb Stones, Chakra Sun Catchers and a huge selection of Tumble stones.

Crystals have a long standing history in Energy transference and Healing modalities. Below i have listed a range of Crystals that i stock and their benefits

Abalone Shell-Mother of Pearl
Relating to the ocean, so this brings feelings of well being and relaxation. Holding them makes you feel beauty, comfort, caring, delight, love, solace. In China it is known for attracting good fortune and happiness. Brings harmony to all relationships, especially family and motherhood. Stimulates psychic abilities.
Healing – Strengthens Immune System, muscle tissue and heart. Aids digestion. Helps arthritis and joint disorders, allergies and rashes.

Agate stabilises emotional and physical energy. A soothing and calming stone, working slowly to bring great strength and self-confidence. Improves concentration, heals inner anger and stimulates love and strength so one can move on.
Healing – Transforms negative influences to positive, stimulates digestion, heals eyes, stomach, and uterus, strengthens blood vessels and heals skin disorders.

Agate Banded
Called the earth rainbow it is one of the most ancient of stones. Good for someone who is trying to juggle two jobs. Helps writers to express themselves. Stops the desire for wanting what we do not need.

Agate Blue Lace
A wonderful healing stone that has a soft calming energy bringing peace of mind. Helps to release repressed self expression that stems from the fear of rejection and judgement. Neutralises anger, bringing inner peace.
Healing – Powerful throat healer, lowers fevers, removes blockages of the nervous system. Aids healing of capillaries and pancreas.

Agate Crazy Lace
Called the laughter stone (fiestas and dancing). Regulates your daily energy flow. Overcomes fear of spiders and other crawling insects. Increases self esteem, absorbs emotional pain. Good for uniting people who work together.

Agate Moss
Strongly connected with nature, it refreshes the soul so you can see the beauty in all that is around you. A birthing stone, it assists midwives and lessons the pain of childbirth. A stone of new beginnings, releases old blockages. A wealth stone, it attracts abundance, improves self-esteem, releases fear and stress. Promotes self expression, encourages trust and hope. Encourages you to give it one more try.
Healing – Speeds up recovery. Anti inflammatory encourages flow of lymph and boosts the immune system. Eliminates depression caused by left-right brain imbalance.

Amazonite – Blue-Green / Feldspar Potassium – Silicate
Absorbs stress caused from cell phone, microwaves etc. Filters information through mind into your intuition, very soothing stone, calms the mind and nervous system. Helps you to see both sides of a problem. Alleviates worry and fear.
Healing – Heals and opens heart & throat. Dissipates negative energy and blockages of the nervous system. Good for Osteoporosis, tooth decay & calcium deficiencies. Relieves muscle spasms.

Amber / Fossilised Resin
Cleans and draws disease from the body. Brings stability to life. Warm and bright it encourages spontaneity. Clears depression and enhances creativity. Brings balance and patience enabling you to make positive decisions.
Healing – Brings vitality, absorbs pain, allowing the body to heal itself. Treats Kidneys, spleen, bladder and liver.

Strong healing and cleansing powers. Helps to overcome addictions and blockages of all kinds. Aids sleep. Dispels all negative emotions and brings positive responses.
Healing – Cleanses blood, immune system, skin conditions, cellular disorders, fine tunes metabolism and endocrine system.

Powerful combination of Amethyst and Citrine. It is fast and effective especially for long standing illness. Clears tension and calms the mind. Enhances acceptance of oneself and others. Releases blockages making room for new experiences.
Healing – Powerful cleanser for Aura, toxins and blood. Stabilises DNA and oxygenates the body.

Angelite (A form of Celestite) – Anhydrite
A stone of awareness, peace & brotherhood. Helps you to speak your truth, become more compassionate. Creates a great feeling of peace & tranquillity. Raises awareness, stimulates healing & facilitates telepathic contact. Enhances astrological understanding.
Healing – Unlocks mericlians when put at the feet. Helps to balance thyroid, repairs tissues & blood vessels. A diuretic it is useful in weight control.

Antigorite (variety of Serpentine)
Stimulates the structure of your life. Releases negativity from the body. Activates your intuition. Assists in the removal from the etheric body, attachment from yourself to another. Brings change and positive loving energy to all things.
Healing – Spinal alignment, correction to cellular disorders, releases toxins from the body.

Apache Gold
Aligns the bodies magnetism with the earth’s magnetism. Enhances your sensitivity to earths energy and your connection to the planet. Prevents emotional and physical burnout.

Apache Tears – Black Obsidian (USA, Mexico)
They heal grief and provide protection and grounding. They occur naturally in these odd shapes. Legend has it that when the Apache were outnumbered, rather than be captured they jumped off the cliff to their deaths. The women of the tribe cried dark tears of grief, which fell to the earth and formed these shapes.
Healing – Strengthen the body and immune system. Helps you to assimilate Vitamin C and D. Reduces toxins in the body and calms muscle spasms.

Apatite – Calcium Phosphate
A stone of manifestation. It increases motivation and builds energy reserves. Clears confusion eases tension, anger, apathy and sorrow. Overcomes emotional exhaustion by clearing negative beliefs about oneself.
Healing – Heals bones, encourages formation of new cells. Suppresses hunger and raises metabolic rate. Heals glands meridians and organs.

Aquamarine – Is a stone of courage.  Its calming energies reduce stress and quiet the mind.  Aquamarine has an affinity with sensitive people.  It can invoke tolerance of others and overcomes judgmentalism, giving support to those overwhelmed by responsibility.  Clarifies perception, sharpens the intellect and clears confusion.  Useful for closure on all levels.  Promotes self-expression.  Soothes fears and increases sensitivity.  Sharpens intuition and opens clairvoyance.  Wonderful for meditation.  Shields the aura and aligns the chakras.  Highly protective during pregnancy, it helps to guard both mother and baby from harm.  Discourages miscarriage.Aquamarine is helpful to sore throats, swollen glands and thyroid problems.  It regulates hormones and growth.  Boosts the immune system and alleviates overreactions, such as hayf ever or allergies.  Counteracts short- or long-sightedness.

This stone teaches patience and acceptance. Encourages practicality and discipline. Enhances concentration and provides support to overcome anger and stress. Calming and stabilising, it restores balance when everything feels out of control.
Healing – It combats disease especially twitching and spasms. Heals bones, elasticity to discs. Strengthens the immune system. Grounds when there are feelings of not being here..

Astrophyllite (Russia, Norway, Colorado)
This stone illuminates your true self. A tranquil and honest stone, it allows you to make major changes so you can move forward. The marriage stone, it promotes fidelity and truth between partners. Helps those who have had past lives in Atlantis or extra-terrestrial realms to regain past knowledge.
Healing – Helps addictive behaviours

Aventurine – Green Fuchsite / Orange / Pink Hematite
Stone of prosperity. Strong connection to Devic kingdom. Great within gardens. Tape to mobile phone, protects against emanations. Defuses negative situation to positive. Reinforces leadership & decisiveness. Stabilises ones mind stimulates creativity. Calms anger and irritation so you can live from your heart. Promotes sense of well being.
Healing – Benefits thymus gland, nervous system, balances blood pressure, relieves migraines, soothes eyes & skin eruptions.

Azurite – Blue / Copper Carbonate
Enhances sleep, meditation & clarity of mind. Brings creativity and mental stability. Allows you to communicate freely. Opens your perspectives.
Healing – Thyroid gland, heart & tissue, regeneration, good for unborn babies, mental healing.

Azurite / Malachite / Copper Carbonate
Stimulates the third eye. Raises consciousness to higher levels. Encourages new perspectives and clearer understanding. Expands the mind and releases blocks in communication. Stimulates memory, clears stress, worry, grief and sadness allowing light into any situation. Challenges programmed belief systems so you can move forward without fear.
Healing – Throat problems, arthritis, aligns spine, restores the brain to normal function. Teeth, thyroid, aids detoxing, overcomes muscle cramps.

Black Star Quartz (Hollandite)
Reach for the stars- for they are already here- in you and me. We are the stars that have fallen to the earth and have forgotten why we came here. Unlocks secrets that are held deep within. Also called the crying stone because it releases blocked tears. Helps us to find and get our feet on our pathway. Allowing us to shine our star light. The Hollandite is an inclusion in Quartz when heated during the crystals formation, bursts to for a six sided star.

Enhances physical and mental vitality. Brings clarity to all situations, wisdom and courage. Helps to calm aggression and violence. Dispels confusion and helps decision making. Reduces irritability, aggressiveness and impatience. Powerful revitaliser when exhausted mentally and physically.
Healing – Cleansing for all organs, helps iron deficiencies, circulation and bloodstream. Detoxifies liver, kidneys and spleen. Neutralises over-acidity. Supports blood, helpful in cases of Leukaemia.

Boji Stones
(Smooth one has feminine energy/protruded one has male energy). Overcomes blockages, protects and grounds when feeling out of touch with being here. Together they balance and ground your subtle energy. They clear blocked emotions and heal hurtful memories. Stimulates the flow of energy in the meridian systems of the body. Also brings your attention to your patterns and repressed energy.
Healing – Heals energy blocks, relieves pain, encourages tissue regeneration. Increases energy when low. Realign chakras, repairs holes in auric field.

Calcite / Calcium Carbonate
It is a very active crystal, cleaning and clearing the environment it is in. Removes stagnant energy. Combats laziness and gives encouragement to move on. Good for clearing the mind and unblocking old thoughts. A study stone, held or placed on your desk when wanting to remember.
Healing – Cleans organs, encourages calcium intake, fortifies immune system and skeletal structure.

Calcite Green
Dissolves rigid beliefs and old patterns, restoring balance. Helps you to move from a negative situation to a positive. Stimulates immune system. Absorbs negativity and removes bacterial infections. Soothes anger.
Healing – Arthritis, constriction of muscles. Cools fevers, burns and inflammation. Calms adrenals

Calcite Honey
Enhances a deep state of relaxation and meditation. Expands your energy and sense of self. Also read Calcite.

Calsilica Rainbow (Chihuahua, Mexico)
Mysterious Wonder Stone
A protection stone, it draws all its healing energies from the colours of the rainbow. Encourages the flow of ideas and promotes confidence, also inspires creativity. Wearing near the heart will balance emotional disharmony.
Healing – Strengthens and balances the heart muscle. Balances blood sugar levels in all diabetes. Helps all blood disorders.

Carnelian – Red, Orange, Pink, Brown / Contains Hematite
Grounds & anchors you in the present reality. Gives you an acceptance of the cycle of life. It gives courage motivates for success in business. Helps to trust yourself. Powerful protection against greed, envy, resentment. Calms anger. Place near your front door for protection & invites abundance in. Improves parent – child relationships, restores trust after abuse.
Healing – Stimulates metabolism, female reproductive organ, overcomes frigidity & impotence. Heals rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia & depression. Regulates body fluids, kidneys. Improves absorption of vitamins.

Cats Eye
Amplifies good luck and happiness. Stimulates intuition and awareness. Provides protective energy to the user.
Healing – Increases vision especially at night. Relieves headaches.

Celestite / Strontium Sulphate
Stimulates our awakening to other realms of existence. Promotes purity of heart and attracts good fortune. Assists conflict by bringing peace and harmony to a situation. Teaches trust in self and the universe.
Healing – Treats disorders of the eyes and ears, eliminates toxins and soothes and relaxes muscles tension and calms mental torment.

Encourages change, deep physical and emotional healing. Helps you to accept the present moment as perfect. Releases deep fears, and worry. Helps to overcome compulsions & obsession. Mentally it helps you to make decisions.
Healing – Regenerates when exhausted, heals eyes, heart, liver, pancreas. Reverses liver damage due to alcohol, helps autism & bipolar. Bestows deep sleep.

Cherry Quartz (Red Rutilated Quartz)
Brings new hope, anti depressant, relieves anxiety and tension. Gives you vision for the bigger picture. Aids the free flowing energy through the body. Good for a sad or weak heart.
Healing – Regenerates cells.

Chiastolite (Cross stone)
Powerful protective stone, used in ancient times to ward off ill wishes and curses. Dispels negative thoughts and feelings. Helps the process from life to death. Dissolves illusions and calms fears. Releases worn out patterns and conditioning. Clears feelings of guilt. Helps you to find your soul’s purpose.
Healing – Lessens fevers, increases blood flow, and heals rheumatism and gout. Stimulates lactation for nursing mothers. Repairs chromosome damage, balances immune system, fortifies nerves.

Chrysanthemum Stone / Flower Stone / Celestite in Limestone
This stone seems to drift gently through time and space, helping us to do the same. Helps you to stay centred in the moment. Inspires and energises. Teaches us to remain childlike, fun-loving and innocent. Strengthening character, it overcomes bigotry, ignorance, narrow mindedness and jealousy. Encourages showing more love to the world and in turn receiving more love in your life.
Healing – Treats the skin, skeleton and eyes. Helps release toxins and dissolving growths.

Chrysocolla / Copper Ring Silicate / Gem Silica
Brings inner strength when you feel overwhelmed. Stabilising effect at home, work and self. Reverses feelings of guilt to joy and encourages self-awareness and inner balance. Gives a feeling of personal power. Reduces mental tension so you can keep a cool head.
Healing – Treats arthritis, bone disease, muscle spasm. Detoxifies liver, kidneys and intestines. Regenerates pancreas, regulates insulin. Excellent for women, treating PMS and menstrual cramps.

Chrysoprase / Chalcedony
Promotes love of the truth, hope and gives personal insight. It makes us look at that we might still be coming from our egos and how to come from our hearts. It also helps us to trust ourselves.
Healing – Detoxifies liver, aids gout, eye problems, balances hormones, releases nightmares.

If angled into the light it is possible to see ancient writing inscribed within that links us to ancient knowledge. It clears away debris from the past. A stone of integrity and self-honesty. It shows where you are trying to control other and helps you attract what it is you desire. Corrects imbalances and blockages when placed over the thymus.
Healing – Chronic fatigue, inflammation, multiple sclerosis, coughs and emphysema. Supports throat, brainstem, veins and arteries.

Stone of Abundance. Powerful cleanser and regenerator, energizing, creative, opens intuition. Teaches how to manifest prosperity, all that is good and how to share. Helps to go with the flow. Overcome fear.
Healing – Stimulates digestion, spleen, pancreas, increase blood circulation, detoxifies blood, balance thyroid.

Clear Quartz
The most powerful healer & amplifier, excellent for blockages. Works on all levels of self. Aids memory, excellent to program & store information.
Healing – Master healer, immune system, brings balance to all.

Clear Quartz Chloride Green
A powerful positive healing stone. Eliminates toxins and helps assimilate Vitamin A and E, iron and magnesium. Powerful pain killer.

Clear Quartz Inclusions
The inclusion in Quartz represents the many inclusions in ourselves. If one of these crystals finds you, then let it help you to discover who you are. Using this crystal for meditation can help you to become one with all that is, was and will be. It brings peace by aligning all aspects of mind, body and being.

Clear Quartz Phantom
Has ghost like image in crystal. Point’s way towards growth, helps to move you on your next step.

Clipsol – Orchard, Orange Calcite
Stone of promise, grounding, comforting. Works in the here and now, while keeping your feet on the ground. A very stabling stone in all situations. Encourages you to step forward not backwards. Raises energy levels, improves motivation.
Healing – Clears depression. Eases menstrual discomfort. Improves reproductive health.

A stone of optimism, diplomacy and independence. Dispels lethargy, passivity, restlessness. Brings luck and bestows good fortune. Brings light to barriers that are on our path. Helps you to make decisions for the better.
Healing – Stabilises flow of blood in the body, increasing circulation. Cleans wounds and fights bacterial infections. Stimulates the metabolic process. Balances chemistry of the blood and cellular structures.

Coral Red (Utah)
Garden of the sea. Prevents ill fortune. Brings prosperity, practicality, respect for your life path and luck. Protects from depression and despondency.
Healing – Hiccups, colic, heartburn. Treats disorders of the cellular structure of the kidneys, bladder and parathyroid.

Coral White
Power of the sea’s life force. Disperses negative energy and past blocks. Protection for fishermen, sailors and children. Symbol of wealth and prosperity – house luck attraction, touch every door and window in your home or office. Gives inner strength and vitality. Good for pregnant women, child birth and a healthy baby.

Crackle Quartz
Superheated and colour infused. Promotes fun and joy in your life. Helps you to be responsible for your feelings and to realize that only you can change how you feel.
Lilac- assists spiritual development.
Blue – overcomes speech and hearing problems.
Green – helps to earth and comfort a person who feels uncomfortable in their body.
Yellow – Assures the child within that it is OK to believe in yourself.
Orange or Red – stimulates creativity and the playful child within.
Pink – heals an abused child, by gently drawing out the pain and replacing it with love.

Cross Crystal (X Crystal)
Grows at right angles to another. Looks like 2 matchsticks lying across each other. Stone of equality, unity, harmony and acceptance, each is free to follow its own growth and destiny yet remain together supporting each other. Brings understanding in partnerships and relationships, allowing each to grow and become themselves and yet remain a united family unit. Promotes peace in a family of strong will and views.
Healing – All conflict, mental, spiritual and physical.

Stone of Abundance. Powerful cleanser and regenerator, energizing, creative, opens intuition. Teaches how to manifest prosperity, all that is good and how to share. Helps to go with the flow. Overcome fear.
Healing – Stimulates digestion, spleen, pancreas, increase blood circulation, detoxifies blood, balance thyroid.

Desert Rose Barite / Heavy Spar
Encourages you to go for your dreams, without fear. Enhances friendship, harmony, love and helps you to see the relationship connection. Initiates independence and motivation, so you can attain personal freedom. Releases trapped emotions, bringing calm. Provides strong yet delicate connection to all things, so you can find your path.
Healing – Removes toxins from body, stimulates vision, soothes nervous system and helps recovery from addictions.

Desert Rose – Barite
Enhances a calm atmosphere and teaches you to enjoy every moment. Helps you to stay calm during misunderstandings and problem solving. Also helps you to prioritise when there is more than one situation happening.

Gently releases pent-up emotions, good for anger management. Speak from the heart, not from the mind. Encourages tidiness in the home and workplace. Brings change, sometimes in unexpected ways. Good for calming over-excitable dogs (attach to collar, or in their bed).
Healing – Goes to the root cause of illness. Helps with ligaments, tendons, tourette’s, fevers and thyroid.

Elestial Quartz
It has a gentle energy that removes blockages
and fear. Opens the way to change. Helpful in times of emotional stress. Comforting and peaceful & encouraging. This crystal can help you understand your Karma and give an insight into your spiritual path.

Epidote / Calcium Aluminium
Strengthens your sense of identity and personal growth. Helps you to manifest your dreams. Good for those who fall into the victim or martyr role. Clears self pity, stress and anxiety. Releases grief and old traumas. Can be quite overpowering for some people as it brings to surface emotions you may not want to deal with.
Healing – Useful for convalescence. Facilitates weight loss by bringing to the surface the core issue.

Helps you to detach from old habits, encouraging new self awareness and love. Assist in the finding of lost items and helps you to understand the messages that come from within and without of the self.
Healing – Helps with disorders of the skin and muscular structure.

Fire and Ice – Rainbow Quartz
It contains figurines that draw on Shamanic medicine.

Fire Quartz (Hematoid)
Self esteem, removes negativity, balances body mind spirit. Helps you to understand why you do something so you can have a conscious response rather than an unconscious reaction.
Focus & concentration, grounding, calms anxieties, panic & hysterics.
Healing – ADD & ADHD Blood disorders, boost immune, strengthen liver, kidney and cleanses toxins.

Fluorite Green – Genius Stone (meaning to flow)
Brings order to chaos, harmony. Clears negative energy from any environment, cleansing and renewal. Inspires new ideas, quick thinking. Release emotional trauma and addictions. Absorbs pollution from the environment. Good for travel (keep safe). Attracts butterflies to your garden.
Healing – Disorders of stomach, colitis, heartburn and cramps. Restore mobility. Helps clear symptoms of colds and flu. Clears mucous membranes.

Fuchsite (form of Mica)
A stone of knowledge, good for helping to access herbal and holistic remedies. Reverses martyrdom, teaches self worth and how to allow another to learn their own lessons while you support and love. Overcomes co-dependency and emotional blackmail and gives strength after trauma.
Healing – Amplifies all crystals, centers in to the lowest point of energy and rebalances. Releases blockages. Balances red and white blood cell ratio. Good for RSI.

Gabbro Indigo (Mystic Merlinite)
Relatively new crystal, Gabbro is said to promote connection to higher self. Locates energy blockages within the body.
Relieves violence in temper. Locates energy within the body.
Healing – Hot flushes, swelling, bruising & sprains. Balances the alkalinity of the body.

Stone of Abundance. Powerful cleanser and regenerator, energizing, creative, opens intuition. Teaches how to manifest prosperity, all that is good and how to share. Helps to go with the flow. Overcome fear. Healing – Stimulates digestion, spleen, pancreas, increase blood circulation, detoxifies blood, balance thyroid.

Garnet (colour changing)
One of the most rare and interesting gemstones. Any gem that changes colour is a rare find. Some call it a mood stone as it changes colour throughout the day.

Garnet Green (Grossular, Green)
Stone of confidence and stability. Beneficial if going through a lawsuit. Good for manifesting spiritual and physical abundance. A fertility stone.
Healing – Acid Reflux. Rapid healing after injury, arthritis, rheumatism, strengthens kidneys, skin, mucus membranes. Helps to assimilate Vitamin A

Golden Quartz
Is a naturally coated translucent yellow. All the attributes of quartz, it empowers healing at all levels.

Golden Healer Quartz
Clears the auric field, filling it with golden light. Goes deep, so you can release old patterns. Dissolves and releases blocks or foreign energies, replenishing and restoring the body’s natural balance and harmony.
Healing – All levels of illness. Master healers.

Goldstone Blue (glass with copper)
Looks like the starry night sky. Helps those interested in the practice of astrology. Wear for a few months and you will understand underlying patterns and how to avoid repeating old mistakes. It is a wish stone, blow into the stone on a starry night and makes a wish. It can open doors of opportunity.
Healing – Relieves migraines, headaches, epilepsy, tunnel vision or glaucoma. Helps after chemical therapies and surgery.

Goldstone (glass with copper) gold/brown
Though it appears reddish it is clear, the colour comes from the copper crystals inside. Helps to re-orientate you if you get lost while driving. Also when sad it helps to remind you of the wonders of life.
Healing – Promotes self worth, helps circulation, arthritis joint pain, metabolism, bones, dizziness.

Grounding rebalances yin in balance. Good for all legal situations. Boosts self esteem, enhances willpower, removes self-imitations & aids expression. Helps to overcome additions. Stimulates concentration & focus. Useful for study of mathematics.
Healing – It restores & strengthens blood supply & can draw heat from the body. Good for circulation. Supports kidneys, stimulates absorption of iron & formation of red blood cells. Treats leg cramps, anxiety, insomnia. Good elixir for fever.

Hematite Red
Helps to ground and re-align on all levels, physical, emotional and spiritual. Clears negativity, blockages and disharmony. Good for when exercising as a tool for strength and energy. Increase the vibration of the body.
Healing – Rejuvenates all organs, tissue damage and activates the immune system. Helps with muscle repair and growth.

Herkimer Diamond
Promotes creativity, telepathy, clairvoyance and dream recall. This stone attunes people and links them together when they are apart, each person holding on to one. Good for clearing electromagnetic & radioactive pollution.
Healing – Detoxifies and protects from pollutants, relives insomnia, Corrects DNA and cellular disorders.

Hiddenite (Green Kunzite)
The evolution stone, because it assists you to grow spiritually and be aware of your responsibilities to care for the earth. Attracts love to your life. Brings you into the present without being distracted by injustices from the past and worries about the future.
Healing – Relieves self neglect, boost the power of herbs, essential oils. Balances the hemispheres of the brain, fluid imbalances, sick animals.

A very calming stone, excellent for insomnia. It helps you to achieve your goals both spiritual and material. Teaches patience and helps to calm down rage, uncontrolled anger. Placed in pocket it absorbs your own anger and any anger directed towards you. Releases the ties of old emotions to prevent triggers.
Healing – Balances calcium.

A stone of vision and intuitive insight. It aids in understanding and releasing the causes of addiction. Clears thoughts and emotional upsets in relationships. Encourages taking responsibility for yourself and overcoming co-dependency.
Healing – Creates strong constitution. Reduces fatty deposits in body. Reduces the effects of alcohol. Supports detoxification of liver. Treats Malaria, fevers, aids pituitary, sinus, migraine and all bacteria’s.

Dream stone. Brings about tranquillity and wisdom. Increases love & nurturing of self. Releases negative thoughts and awakens the mind.
Healing – Hidden knowledge. Cleanses the organs of toxins, fluids and aids digestion. Relieves depression.

Jade Yellow
Brings joy and happiness. Teaches us that all things are equal. Enhances your energy levels. Aids digestive and elimination systems of the body.

Jasper from Bahia
The supreme nurturer. It reminds us to help each other in times of stress. Protects and grounds. Works on all chakras. Absorbs negative energies. Clears electromagnetic and environmental pollution, including radiation. Brings courage and encourages honesty with yourself. Supports during conflict. Aids deep thinking and organizational abilities.
Healing – Supports prolonged illness or hospitalization and re-energises the body. Aids digestive and sexual organs, releases dis-ease and obsession. Dispels bloating, inflammation and toxicity.

Jasper Bumble Bee
Forms at the opening to volcanoes (Ash, sulphur). Do Not make elixir from this stone. (Toxic) A strong earth energy stone which has the energy of the volcano. It is said that it heals bees, hence its name. Helps the impossible to manifest.

Jasper Crocodile (Kambaba)
A stone of peace and tranquility, it comforts and protects. Soothing troubled minds and bringing balance to body and spirit. It helps you to focus on whatever situation is happening now. Can help to release negative thoughts and feelings, especially those that plague ones mind.

Jasper K2 Albite Base
Mount K2 (Godwin-Austen),second highest mountain on Earth, on the border between Balkistan (Pakistan) in the Gilgit region.
Stone of balance, both emotionally and physically. Wear if your life feels you are on the go 24/7. Helps you to step back and go with the flow. Brings back joy in life. Hold a piece if you have lost something – close eyes and the item and its location should appear, (good for finding pets).
Healing – Stomach upsets, heartburn, ulcers, nausea. Eye problems, blockages veins, fluid imbalances, blood cleanser.

Jasper Picasso (marble)
Helps you to develop your creative talents. Also helps you to understand the destiny you have chosen. The master of the subconscious mind and it attracts strength and perseverance. Can activate unused portions of the mind, enhance good common sense with matters of home and heart. Provides protection both physical and emotional.
Healing – Stimulates the circulatory system, reduces anxiety and stress. Assists in digestion and regulates metabolism. Also used for carpal tunnel and to promote weight loss.

Jasper Picture
This stone is said to be the Earth Mother speaking to her children. It contains messages from the past for those that can read them. Brings hidden feelings of guilt, envy, hatred and love from the now or past lives to the surface. Once released they can be seen as lessons not burdens. Instills harmony and comfort and alleviates fear.
Healing – Cleanses kidneys, stimulates immune system.

Jasper Porcelain (Exotica or Sci-Fi)- also read Jasper
Protection and Nurturing on all levels. Stone of Peace and persistence and universal love. Heals traumas and deep emotional wounds.
Healing – Cancer of tissue and blood. Good for purging unwanted diseases from the body.

Jasper Rainforest – Rhyolite
It helps you to make changes without stress. Accesses karmic wisdom. Strengthens soul, body and mind. Good for past life healing. Keeps you grounded in the moment rather than looking back at the past. Enhances self esteem and acceptance of self.
Healing – Fortifies the body’s natural resistance. Treats veins, rashes and infections. Dissolves kidney stones and old scars. Elixir gives strength and muscle tone.

Jasper Red
A stone of health, strengthening and detoxifying the circulatory system, the blood & liver. Grounds your energy and brings problems to light before they become too big. Excellent worry bead, calming the emotions when played with.
Healing – Promotes physical energy and sense of smell

Jasper – Red, Brown, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple
Known as the supreme nurturer, it supports during stress. Gives you determination & encourages honesty to yourself. Aids quick thinking, transforms ideas into action. Supports during long illness & hospitalisation.
Healing – Supports circulation, digestive, sexual organs. Balances mineral content of the body.

Jasper Zebra
Motivate and energise you to overcome apathy. Transforms ideas into action. Gives you courage to understand your problems. Absorbs negative energy making you calm and peaceful. Keeps you safe during travel.
Healing – Depression and anxiety.

Jet – also known as Black Amber (coal Lignite)
Stone of sympathy and healing grief. A protection stone, it helps the wearer to come up with constructive solutions to problems. It is used to stabilise finances and to protect businesses. Place in cash box or wealth corner of the house.
Healing – Absorbs negative energy, helps recovery from depression, sadness, loss and grief. Cleanses the liver and kidneys. Good for migraines.

Dispels negativity, shields aura. Encourages self expression, removes obstacles and promotes tolerance for self and others, Helps to dissolve panic attacks. Also helps you to accept constructive criticism. Brings back lost trust and innocence.
Healing – Strengthens circulation, heart muscle. Calms epilepsy, joint pain. Stimulates immune system.

It never needs cleaning as it does not hold negative energy. Encourages you to speak your truth, cutting through fears and blockages. Restores Qi to the physical body and it’s organs.
Healing – Treats muscular disorders, fevers, thyroid, adrenals, a natural pain reliever, lowers blood pressure, releases excess weight. Balances yin-yang energy.

Kyanite Black
Grounds and aligns all energy centers during and after meditation. Good for clearing all negative thoughts and feelings.

Kyanite Green
Helps you to feel the balance between yourself and nature.
It connects your truth from your heart and the truth in any situation. Can enhance your dreams and lucid dreaming.

Highly mystical, protective & brings in light. Forms a barrier to negative energies. Releases fears & insecurities. Gives faith in self & trust in universe. Stone of transformation & can bring your dreams into reality.
Healing – Eyes, relieves stress, regulates metabolism, gout, menstrual tension, lowers blood pressure.

Lapis  Lazuli
A protection stone. Teaches power of the spoken work. It encourages self-awareness & self-expression, honestly & compassion. Bonds relationships, dissolves martyrdom, cruelty & suffering.
Healing – Alleviates pain, overcomes depression, boosts immune systems. Alleviates insomnia & vertigo, lowers blood pressure.

Larvikite (Norway’s national rock)
Labradorite/Moonstone (Blue pear, Emerald pear, Black Moonstone) Is considered a Feldspar
Helps to repel negative energies. Helpful for those learning new information because it allows us to understand things from a higher perspective. It teaches patience and supports us when an ending is required. Creates new pathways for knowledge so you can open new doors.
Healing – Helps learning disabilities. Treats skin disorders. Aids recovery from strokes and brain function. Cleanses body tissue, harmonises metabolism, calms nerves, cools and reduces blood pressure.

Layser Point
This is a very powerful crystal that needs to be used carefully. Never point it at anyone without clarity as to your intent. It can be an amazing healing tool when used properly. It concentrates the energy passing through it. Used for psychic surgery, cutting away negativity of all kinds. Removes old attitudes, thought patterns and energy blockages. Stimulates acupuncture points.

Lemurian Jade
(Midnight Dark Lemurian) (Light Shadow Lemurian)
Strong protection stone. Helps you to understand your connection to the earth. Brings gratitude to all things, encouraging you to be grateful for all you have.
Healing – Aids heart, immune system and quick recovery after illness.

Lemurian Quartz
The ladder like striations known as the Stairway to Heaven. Helps to balance and bring harmony within. These crystals are coded with Lemurian vibrations. They can open the heart so self-healing can happen and your true self can emerge. A very beautiful crystal that may help you to open your past with compassion and understanding of why! A very powerful healer for this time.

Lemurian Pink Quartz
Removes emotional and karmic hurts from heart. Instills unconditional and compassionate love. Removes ties and dissolves abused heart energy imprints from Lemuria and Atlantis. Encourages independence in your present life.

Leopardite (Jasper)
Promotes acceptance and understanding of yourself and others. Good for judgement of self or others.
Peaceful energy helps with letting go of conflict, insecurity and loss of control. Helps us to connect to inner wisdom.

Cleans electromagnetic pollution, good for computers. Dissipates negativity. Accesses Akashic records. Reduces stress and depression. A stone of transition, calming and supportive during deep emotional distress.
Healing – Strengthens immune system, relieves exhaustion, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, Bipolar and anorexia.

Balances Yin-Yang energies. Can alleviate or lessen grief, fear, anger, confusion and attachment. Relieves burdens and increases energy. Attracts power, good fortune and love.
Healing – Strengthen circulatory system, helps bleeding problems, boosts immune system.

Lollingite – Morocco
Grounding. Gives you a sense of calm. Cleans the mind of repetitive thoughts and over activity. Dissolves self doubt. Creates a feeling of being present in this moment and of being fully in your body.

Malachite amplifies positive & negative energies. Protects the wearer from harm. It soaks up pollutants in the air and body, but should be cleaned regularly. Encourages us to step out of comfort zone and take a chance. Helps to break ties to the past. A very powerful stone for change.
Healing – Particularly good for cramps (menstrual & child birth). Aligns DNA & cellular structure. Stimulates liver to release toxins. Treats Diabetes when worm around waist.

Malachite Chrysocolla (marriage of Earth and Sea)
Releases emotional blockages. The combination helps to release fear of creative expression.

It helps us to see ourselves as we really are and to use the reflection of others for our own growth. Calms anger, tantrums and nervous energy. Provides energy and purpose when all seems lost.
Healing – Relieves dehydration, brings a sparkle to eyes and sheen to hair. Treats insomnia.

Moldavite is a rare form of tektite. Formed when a giant meteorite struck earth. Therefore it is a fusion of extraterrestrial and mother earth energies. Talisman for good fortune and fertility, Enhances other crystals by lifting their vibrations. Extremely high vibration, which opens and clears blockages. It helps you to feel comfortable being in a body especially when you yearn to go home.
Healing – Rather than healing, it makes you aware of the cause and source of the disease, and then supports the healing process.

Mookaite is known for its anti-aging properties. It embraces the power of an ageless spirit which helps one to understand the correlation between the body and mind. It imparts the knowledge that change is possible. It teaches the vibration of a young spirit, which assists in reducing the process of physical aging. Mookaite offers grounding and a deep sense of calm to be able to make clear and concise decisions.

Moonstone – Milky White – Brown
Stone of new beginnings and encourages us to accept our intuition. Calms emotions in times of stress. Balances male/female energies. Helpful for shock and trauma. Calming for hyperactive children. Encourages lucid dreaming, especially at times of full moon.
Healing – Helps digestive & reproductive systems. Alleviates degeneration of skin, hair, eyes, liver & pancreas. Excellent for PMS, pregnancy and childbirth.

Moonstone Rainbow
Place under pillow where it will catch the moons rays to aid lucid dreams and calm sleep. It is gentle and offers strength while going through illness. Also helps to improve learning difficulties in young children and protects homes.
Healing – Assist with hormones, fertility, thyroid, womb, after breast operations.

Nephrite (Jadeite, Actinolite)
Brings strength, fortitude, courage, protection, persistence and completion. Helps us to stand our ground.

A stone that is without boundaries or limitations. It works fast and with immense power. Nothing can hide from this stone e.g. fears & blockages. Extremely protective, forming a shield it blocks psychic attack and all negative energies.

Obsidian Blue
Opens third eye. Helps to find the core of difficulties and balances energy fields. Opens you up to speak your truth. Good for all spiritual healing (regression, psychic communication, divination, inner journeys)
Healing – Enhances night vision, heals eyes, spinal misalignment and circulatory disorders.

Obsidian Green Fleck
A highly protective crystal as it shields against negative energies especially when working with other people. It allows one to deal with emotional issues without reliving the past to do so. Assists in releasing old programmes and beliefs that no longer serve you to allow efficient shifts to new paradigms.

Obsidian Golden
Takes you into the core of a problem and into the future and the past. Shows what is needed to heal a situation, physical and emotional, other crystals are then needed to achieve the healing. Balances energy fields and eliminates the feeling of futility.

Obsidian Rainbow
A very gentle stone with strong protective energy. Teaches you about your spiritual nature. It cuts the cords of past regrets e.g. Relationships, by gently releasing the hooks in the heart. Draws off stress from the body.

Obsidian Snow Flake
Brings purity and balance, calms and soothes. Teaches the value of mistakes as well as successes. Helps you to recognise and release stressful mental patterns.
Healing – Treats veins and the skeleton, improves circulation.

Helps you to find your own strength in any situation, gives you stamina & foresight. It holds the memories of its owner. Heals old grief & sorrow. Overcomes fears & gives the gift of wise decision.
Healing – Teeth, bones, blood and feet.

A very fine and delicate energy. Aids in expressing your true self. A protective stone especially when venturing into dangerous places. Brings loyalty and spontaneity.
Healing – Strengthens the will to live. Treats Parkinson’s disease, fevers, purifies blood, regulates insulin eases childbirth.

Opal – Blue/Green
Opens to new impressions and encourages openness. Helps to see the world with new eyes. Alleviates emotional burdens and liberates feelings.
Healing – Detoxifies and regenerates the liver and relieves feelings of tightening of the heart and chest.

They are from the Triassic Age. Found in the Atlas Mountains, Morocco.
Here to help us find ourselves be staying in the now. A very strong energy for the heart. It allows our physical body to stay balanced and healthy because it helps us to listen to ourselves.

Stone of sincerity, brings truth to situation. Signifies charity, innocence, integrity and brings focus. Can help you to see yourself as you truly are by providing the reflection of others.
Healing – Digestion, bloating, increases fertility, eases childbirth.

Protective stone for the aura. Neutralises toxins on all levels, purifies and releases old baggage. Activates heart and solar plexus. Helps you to detach from people & places from the past. Reduces stress & shows you how to forgive yourself & take responsibility for your life.
Healing – Tonic: regenerates tissue, strengthens metabolism. Aids heart, thymus, lungs, gallbladder. Helps in childbirth by strengthening abdomen & relieving pain.

Sometimes known as the Angel stone. A protection stone it also enhances meditation. Good for ancestral and family healing as it goes back to a time before the dysfunction started. As an elixir it is very good for releasing negative karma and clear entities attached to your aura. Carried on the body.
Healing – Harmonizes the endocrine systems, useful in the treatment of aids and cancer. It benefits cells, eye, lungs, and muscular spasms.

Petrified Wood
Helps to eliminate worries & concerns (change what you can & lets the rest take care of itself). Supports during the crisis period of a disease and shows you why it is occurring so it does not have to happen again. Also helps you to see when you are being judgemental so you can open up to acceptance.
Healing – Used for hearing loss, paralysis and to strengthen skeletal structures. It supports you though times of crisis created by dis-ease.

Pietersite (Templestone)
Known as the tempest stone because it is strongly connected to the storm element. A stone of vision it stimulates the 3rd eye. Dispels the illusion of being separate and helps to remove beliefs and condition imposed by others. Dissolves stubborn blockages and clears confusion. Releases you from promises made in past lives that have been carried into your present life.
Healing – Stimulates the pituitary gland, balancing endocrine system, blood pressure, growth. Helps the lungs, liver, feet and legs and promotes absorption of nutrients. Clears disease caused by exhaustion.

Prasiolite (Amethyst Green)
All the properties of Amethyst, plus its own properties of relieving tension & irritation, self respect and well being. Helps you to concentrate. Promotes harmony & balance in the mental body and eases wounds that have accumulated within the emotional body. Wear it when you want to balance your emotions, increase your energy levels and promote healthy relationships. Reverses bad luck & finds means to pay a mass of bills by an inflow of money.
Healing – Replace extreme dieting, ideal for obesity. Triggers immune system, Balance endocrine glands, relieves burns, scalds, eczema and allergic rashes.

A stone of unconditional love. Helps you to always be prepared. Seals the auric field to protect from outside influence. Can be used in the garden to bring peace and healing energy to this space, also helps to de-clutter your surroundings. Restores trust in the universe and manifestation. Relieves deep fears
Healing – Good for diagnosis. Healing for kidneys, bladder, thymus and lungs. Can stabilize malignant tumours.

A stone of protection good for travel as it keeps away physical danger. Brings up memories of love and friendship. Helps one to see beyond facades. Enhances memory. Also good for removing your concept of abundance, or lack of.
Healing – Assists DNA, all disorders of the lungs, reduces fevers and inflammation.

Rainbow Quartz
This has fractures within the crystal, which produces powerful rainbows. These crystals bring rainbows into our lives and are a very special gift from the diva of the crystal to open up love and positively.

Is the quintessential gemstone of love and compassion.  Rhodochrosite brings true joy to one’s life, heals old wounds and makes it possible to love oneself and others unconditionally. Helps to confront irrational fears and paranoia, lifts depressed mood bringing lightness to life.
Healing – Good for Asthma, Kidneys, poor eyesight, blood pressure, relieves migraines.

Nurtures & supports & encourages love & the ability to see both sides of the issue.
A known first aid stone – heals emotional shock & trauma. It clears away emotional wounds & scars from the past, releases & cleanses resentment & anger. Encourages forgiveness so the self-destructive emotions no longer cause disease.
Healing – Excellent wound healer, reduces scarring. Promotes bone growth, good for arthritis, autoimmune disease, stomach ulcers and M.S.

Rose Quartz
Unconditional love and peace. Purifies heart, calms and reassumes. Attracts love to you and from you. Brings self-love and acceptance. Releases unexpressed emotions and heartache. Comforts grief. Encourages self-forgiveness and trust.
Healing – Heart, circulation, kidneys, adrenals. Increases fertility, soothes burns. Helpful in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Rose Selenite
The flowers of the crystal realm. They are like little rays of the sun helping you to open your heart. Worn over your heart, stimulates your awareness of the beauty within and that surrounds you. Helps to release self imposed limitations, it releases the program and replaces it with an appropriate one. Can be used to strengthen affirmation and all positive thoughts.

Encourages passion and enthusiasm for life. A stone of abundance, it helps to retain wealth and passion. It can bring up anger and encourages positive thoughts. It stimulates the mind so that it becomes sharp with awareness and concentration. Ruby overcomes exhaustion and yet can calm hyperactivity.
Healing – It detoxifies the body, blood, lymph and treats fevers. Good for heart and circulation. Stimulates adrenals, kidneys and spleen.

Ruby Fuchsite (Anyolite)
This combination amplifies the bio-magnetic field around the body and is very helpful in soul healing and promoting self-worth. Encourages creativity, disperses lethargy and brings repressed feelings to the surface. Good for soul healing and past life work.
Healing – Detoxifies body, blood, lymph and treats fevers. Helps heart, kidneys and reproductive organs.

Ruby Kyanite (Rock)
Encourages passion and enthusiasm for life. Brings up anger and encourages positive thoughts. Overcomes exhaustion, calms hyperactivity. Encourages you to speak your truth. Cuts through fears and blockages.
Healing – Lowers blood pressure, releases excess weight. Detoxes the whole body. Good for heart, stimulates adrenals.

Rutelated Tourmaline
This stone forms a protective shield around the body, from things like cell phones. Has a strong connection to the Devic Kingdom. Releases tension, depressions. Promotes compassion, inspiration & prosperity.
Healing – The striations along the side of the tourmaline enhance energy flow through the body, removing blockages and encouraging healing.

Salt Lamps
Salt lamps when on have many advantages over normal ionizers. They improve the general atmosphere of any room. The Salt lamp binds the negative ions with excess positive ions. When it becomes warm, it absorbs moisture and the crystal will be damp on the surface. This builds up the ion field. Placing a Salt lamp next to a television or computer reduces the electromagnetic field that these produce. Over exposure results in nervousness, insomnia, lack of concentration and accumulation of more free radicals in the body, known to be a cause of cancer.
Healing – Tests done with kids who have ADHD have shown that after 1 week of having the lamp on their symptoms subsided. When the lamp is removed the symptoms return. Also helps relieving the symptoms of Asthma and allergies in general.

Known as the wisdom stone. Calms the mind and releases unwanted thoughts and tension. It aligns physical, mental and spiritual confusion. It can attract gifts of all kinds, brings prosperity.
Healing – Calms over active body systems, regulates glands. Heals eyes by removing impurities. Treats blood disorders, strengthens veins.
Blue – seeks spiritual truth with love and purity. Transmutes negative energies. Helps to express yourself by speaking your truth.

Sardonyx is a stone of protection and strength. It promotes integrity and virtuous conduct especially in the pursuit of career goals. Sardonyx attracts friends and good fortune. It brings lasting happiness and stability to partnerships. Supplements willpower and strengthens character. Stabilises hormones and calms aggression.

Brings clarity of mind allowing to higher Angelic understanding. Calming stone installing deep peace. It pinpoints lessons and issues that are still unfinished and how to work on them. Clears confusion and helps you to see clearly. Non-judgemental is another one of its gifts.
Healing – Aligns spinal column promoting flexibility. Neutralises poisoning from dental amalgam. Excellent for breastfeeding

Selenite Fishtail (Angel Wings)
Brings about major transformation when everything feels too difficult. Helps with abundance on all levels. Reminds us we are only limited by our own perceptions and beliefs. Placed under your pillow, it will connect you to your higher self.

Selenite Orange
Encourages a friendly, productive atmosphere. Good for persuading children to do homework etc. Encourages people to buy. Helps you to feel secure at night. Encourages creativity, pride and pleasure in work and flexibility in the workplace
Healing – Assists with food obsessions, nausea, fluid retention, hormonal imbalance, prolapsed womb.

Septarian Nodule
(Crystalline Calcite, Clay Ironstone)
Enhances the gift of speaking to audiences or individuals, in a way that they stay interested for longer. Promotes patience, endurance and tolerance. It also supports the “always be prepared” motto, so that no matter what situation presents itself, you will be able to cope.
Healing – Promotes freedom of movement of the body. Also used to treat external tumours and growths, Degeneration of bones, teeth and muscular structure.

Promotes living from the heart. Can assist with looking at your life and making the changes needed.
Healing – Activates the spinal cord, release muscle tension, overcomes chills and promotes weight loss.

Aids meditation, opens psychic abilities. Assists in the opening of new pathways and the awakening of wisdom from past. Corrects mental & emotional imbalances.
Healing – Eliminates parasites, aids calcium and magnesium absorption. Treats hypoglycaemia and diabetes.

This stone heightens your vibration. Helps you to understand and communicate what you are seeing. Clears past life curses and commands. A strong protective stone. Can be used to develop physic abilities e.g. Automatic writing, telepathy, communication with extra terrestrials.
Healing – Good for tonsillitis, clotting properties of the blood. Clears blockages from cellular structures. Elixir general tonic.

Shiva Lingham (Jasper) Ganges River India
A stone of the Kundalini. It works on the spine moving and awakening energy centers from the base to the crown. Helps you to understand and flow with the moment as it unfolds rather than pushing the tide.
Healing – Balances fluid of the body, alleviates back pain and assists alignment of the spine. Increases fertility and relieves menopausal and prostrate disorders.

Shungite (Russia)
2 billion years old. A very positive stone, bringing with it a variety of blessings and a healthy life. It has Fullerenes which have powerful antioxidants. It cleanses water then infuses it with potent healing vibrations. It has been used in Russia for a long time and is well known for its healing miracles.

Smokey Quartz
Excellent stone for grounding and protecting, especially in time of stress. Eliminates & detoxes on all levels. Relieves fear lifts depression & brings calmness. Aids acceptance of physical body.
Healing – Excellent for treating radiation related illness of chemotherapy. Promotes pain relief. Good for ailments of abdomen, hips & legs, relieves pain, headaches. Dissolves cramps, strengthens back, fortifies the nerves. Aids assimilation of minerals, regulates liquid within the body.

Unites logic with intuition. Stimulates pineal gland & third eye. Installs a drive for truth so you can remain true to self. It cleans electromagnetic pollution caused by computers etc. Good for group work, bringing harmony & solidarity of purpose. Stimulates trust & inter-dependence. Eliminates mental confusion, calming the mind, allowing old mental conditioning to go, leaving space for new insights. Calms panic attacks releases negative emotions of guilt, fear, control issues.
Healing – Balances metabolism, calcium deficiencies, cleanses lymphatic glands, boosting immune system. Helpful for all throat conditions, digestive disorders. Cools fevers, lowers blood pressure.

Solar Quartz
Natural quartz that is sliced from stalactites. It is an energy enhancer that connects us to spirit and harmony. It brings emotional strength and uplifting with great power and energy. It has all the properties of Quartz.

Specularite (Hematite)
Reach for the STARS. Helps to release self-recrimination about your self worth. Very grounding, allows you to see the play of your everyday life. Can manifest the things that bring you joy.
Healing – Regulates the effects of electromagnetic fields. Keep on hand and near computers etc.

Spirit Quartz
This quartz has an exceptional spiritual quality. This uplifting stone radiates on a very high vibration. Promotes self forgiveness. Pinpoints karmic connections and then helps you to realign the situation in this present life. Assists in the passing from our body to the other side and also helps the ones left behind to grieve. It cleanses other crystals and enhances their energy. Instills patience and helps overcome obsessive behaviour.
Healing – Realigns cellular memory. Beneficial for detoxification, skin eruptions and fertility

Strawberry Quartz
Stimulates the heart center by filling the person with feelings of love. Connects to the center of the universe and brings forth information about the creation of planetary form and the reason behind it all. Guides you to live in each moment. Helps you to see the actual reasons you have chosen your reality in this lifetime. Used in Atlantis and Lemuria in healing ceremonies.

Stromatolite (fossil, one of the earliest forms of life)
Aids in the past life recall (run index finger slowly over a highly patterned large piece). Placed in the home it encourages love of family and traditions. Can help adopted people to discover and value birth roots while not rejecting their adoptive family.
Healing – Assists memory, eye problems, throat, teeth and bones. Maintains health in the older generation.

Teaches us to live from our truth and reminds our soul the reasons for incarnating. Answers all our ? As to “why am I here”, “where did I come from”, “who am I” & “what do I need”. Protects the soul from shocks, trauma and disappointment. Aids forgiveness and group difficulties. Encourages positive thoughts, brings light into any dark situation.
Healing – Good for pain relief, clears headaches. Treats epilepsy, autism, schizophrenia and paranoia.

Sunstone (all colours)
Brings joy & sweetness back into your life. It lets the sun shine again in times of darkness. This is a stone to help you to unhook past connections with family. It lets you say no, removing co-dependency. A good antidepressant it lifts dark moods. Increases self worth & self-empowerment.
Healing – Stimulates self-healing, harmonises all organs, relieves rheumatism, aches and pains.

Super Seven (Sacred Seven)
Combination of seven minerals, Amethyst, Cacoxenite, Lepidocrocite, Clear Quartz, Rutile and Smokey. It never needs cleansing. It is said to produce electromagnetic waves which provide self-luminous quality, similar to the holy light which can be seen around trees and church towers. Promotes peace and harmony to guide one’s being so that a new way of thinking and doing become clear.
Healing – Used to promote telepathy, clairaudience, clairvoyance and creativity, to further healing on all levels and for healing of Earth.

Tanzanite (Lavender Blue Zoisite)
It vibrates to a very high frequency linking you to the Angelic realms (spirit guides) and ascended Masters. It also can download the Akashic record. Enhances deep meditation. It changes colour depending on which direction it is held. Dissolves old Karma.
Healing – Works on head, throat and chest, dissolves “dis-ease”.

Is a meteorite and is believed to enhance connection to other worlds. It helps you to delve deep into the heart of a situation so you see the cause and effect and strengthens bio-magnetic energy around the body.
Healing – Reduces fevers, aids circulation and prevents transmission of diseases.

Clears the mind so you can move forward with ease. Encourages expansion in all areas. Promotes wit and wisdom. Discourages treachery and laziness.
Healing – Treats high temperatures, cysts, stimulates thymus to increase youthfulness.

Thulite (Pink Zoisite)
Norwegian National Stone found in Leksvik also South Africa
Inspires eloquent speech, to inspire others by your words. Builds 1on1 connecting with others. Helps you to be more at ease with others, especially if shy. Inspires enthusiasm for living, passion, contentment, happiness and joy.

Tiger Eye

A stone of protection, Tiger Eye may also bring good luck to the wearer.  It has the power to focus the mind, promoting mental clarity, assisting us to resolve problems objectively and unclouded by emotions.  Particularly useful for healing psychosomatic illnesses, dispelling fear and anxiety.  Useful for recognising one’s own needs in relation to the needs of others.  Balancing yin-yang and energising the emotional body, Tiger Eye stabilises mood swings, imbues us with willpower, purpose, courage and self-confidence, and releases tension. Tiger Eye treats eyes, throat and reproductive organs, releases toxins, alleviates pain and is helpful in repairing broken bones and strengthening the alignment of the spinal column.

Tiger Eye Blue
Calming stone that releases stress. Helps over anxiousness and quick temper. Slows the metabolism, cools over active sex drive and dissolves sexual frustrations.

Tiger Eye Red
Overcomes lethargy and provides motivation, speeds up a slow metabolism and low sex drive.

Topaz Clear
Helps you to see the Karmic effect your deeds and thoughts have. Purifies emotions & actions. Removes stagnant energy. Clears doubt. Brings joy, generosity, abundance and good health. Releases tension & speeds up spiritual development.
Healing – Aids digestion, fortifies nerves, stimulates metabolism.

Tourmaline Black (Schorl)
Cleanses, purifies and forms a protective shield around the body. It has a strong connection to the Devic Kingdom, good for plants & gardens. Keeps pests at bay. Buried, it promotes growth. Banishes feelings of being a victim, Attracts inspiration compassion and prosperity. Powerful mental healer, releases tension, removes blockages. Black: Protects against cell phones, strengthens immune system. Brown: Grounding, cleans aura, heals dysfunctional family relations.

Tourmaline Green (Verdelite)
Promotes compassion, tenderness, patience and a sense of belonging. Transfers negative energy to positive. Dispels fear. Rejuvenates and inspires creativity. It magnetises the wearer to abundance. Has the power to heal plants. Helps with application of herbs and remedies. Aids sleep and quiets the mind.
Healing – Eyes, heart, thymus, immune system and weight loss. Relieves exhaustion. Detoxes and works on constipation and diarrhoea. Reduces claustrophobia. Good for hyperactive children. Realigns the spine and strained muscles.

Tourmaline Watermelon
Stimulates heart bringing life and energy to all endeavours. Encourages you to look past the seriousness of a situation so you can recognise the benefit. Helps you to see the beauty in all things. Also inspires tact.

A stone of protection – said to change colour to warn of danger or infidelity. Releases inhibitions and prohibitions, which allows the soul to express itself. Explores past lives and the creation of your own fate. Protects against pollutants. Calms nerves when public speaking.
Healing – Reduces acidity, supports assimilation of nutrients, alleviates viral infection, detoxes, and dispels exhaustion, panic attacks and depression.


Is a stone of vision.  It balances emotions with spirituality.  Unakite provides grounding when needed.  It facilitates rebirthing, gently releasing conditions that inhibit spiritual and psychological growth. Unakite Supports convalescence and recovery from major illness.  It treats the reproductive system and stimulates healthy pregnancies while facilitating the health of the unborn child.  Unakite enhances weight gain, where required and aids the growth of skin tissue and hair.

Zebradorite (Orthoclase Feldspar)
Helps overcome tragedy. Brings great peace during times of physical and emotional trauma. Encourages co-operation in groups and individuals. Can help you to find different ways to achieve your goals. Enhances self will and emotional strength and courage.

Helps you to be true to self rather than influenced by others. It dispels laziness and destructive urges. Encourages recovery from serve illness.
Healing – Slow acting stone. It is a detoxifier, neutralising acidic states, strengthens immune system.

Is a stone of virtue. Enhances sleep, balances all emotions and self esteem. Clears mind and the aura. Maintains energy in times of physical stress. Symbolises innocence, purity and is here to remind us that we are all part of the whole, “all that is”.
Healing – Pituitary and pineal glands, spleen, cleanses organs. Helps with depression, fear and jealousy.

Crystal Shapes

54 Pyramid Sided Cube (Sacred Geometry)
Good for gridding, healing, dreams and meditation. Utilises two geometric shapes – the cube and the pyramid.
Cube – focuses your energies, grounding, removes tension and stress.
Pyramid – inner quest, seeking contact with your inner divine being.

Bridge Quartz
A bridge grows out of the larger crystal. It bridges the gap and brings it together. Helpful for public speaking.

Sacred Geometry Shape. Element of Earth (grounding). Energy of Star Sign Cancer.
Promotes patience, allowing all things to develop in their own time. Balances and stabilizes the surrounding area.

Enhances harmony and peace in all environments. Radiates energy out to the environment and absorb negative energies. They can be programmed and placed where they can do their work.

Egg Shape
Can be used for scanning etheric fields, showing up cloudy areas. The shape allows itself to fit nicely into the palm of your hand during meditation, bringing calmness of the mind and body.

They hold and amplify energy within themselves. Their cave like shape and many points diffuse and amplify energy, softening but not neutralising it allowing it to flow slowly. Good for protection and personal growth. Helps to break addiction.

A heart shaped crystal bestows love and truth to the giver and receiver. A feeling of peace and security accompanies this shape.

Balances and revives the two sides of the brain. Assists us on our spiritual path and enables us to experience unconditional love. A powerful healing and protective symbol.

Lemurian Master Pyramid
Based in Sacred Geometry it helps to amplify and focus energy. Good for griding and energy sessions when extra energy is needed. Place on solar plexis or third eye for amplified healing or meditation.

The moon represents emotion and instinct patterns and karmic influences on a subconscious level. The full moon shines a light on all your old tapes, past life experiences, hidden fears buried deep in your psyche

Obelisk (Pyramid Apex)
Connection with ancient Egypt. It stimulates the marking of time. Helps one to realise “As Above So below”

Orgone describes the universal energy and substances of life. They are made of crystals, metals and an organic component (resin). They can purify atmosphere, water, repel pests, help plant growth. They inspire balance and joyful behavior, negate effects of electromagnetic radiation. The larger ones are good for homes and offices.
Healing – Insomnia, nightmares, generate better moods and wellness. Place under bed for a deep sleep.

The Pendulum helps you to listen to your knowing by answering your questions without the mind getting in the way.

Has ghost like image in crystal. Points way towards growth, helps to move you on your next step.

Points – Abundance
Consists of 1 long quartz with many small clustered around. Place in wealth corner.

Points – Double Terminator
Points at both ends, radiates or absorbs energy simultaneously, stone of balance, bridge between 2 points, overcome addition.

Points – Generator
Generates healing and has 6 faces.

Points – Scepters
Used as a meditation tool it links the wisdom of the ages to now. An excellent healing tool it directs healing to the core of the problem. Balances fertility problems. They have come to bring the knowledge of the crystal power to the present day.

Points – Seven & Eight Sided Faced
These crystals stimulate the removal of obstacles on your path. They bring order to your life and increases the energy of manifestation. Melds the spiritual and angelic realms with the physical.

Draws off negative energy and promotes new and positive energy. Brings vibrant and loving energy to wherever it is placed. Amplifies and focuses energy through the apex. Good for manifestation. Placed on the third eye it enhances meditation.

Record Keeper
Raised perfect triangle(s) located on one or more faces of the crystal. Within this crystal wisdom is stored. Attuning to this crystal opens ancient knowledge and the secrets of the universe. The program within these crystals were placed there by the Atlantean’s and Lemurian’s. Only those with open minds and pure hearts can access this information. Rubbing the thumbnail across the triangle from tip to bottom activates the information. Closing by reversing from bottom to tip. Also placing the triangle on the 3rd eye, meditate and prepare for the information. If one is meant to have a record keeper it will find you so it can help you will your personal development

Seer Ema Stone
Permits gazing into inner realms of the stone. Opening up to sacred text and ancient times. Also helps to remember the time before birth. Promotes the understanding of past present and future.

Geometric pattern of lines, depressions and raised structures etched into the surface. These crystals have visible cavities in geometric patterns which can have clay minerals of different colours. The cavities are often layered or ribbed and sometimes are so deep that the crystal is almost hollow. Sometimes the cavities have liquid bubbles also known as two-phase inclusions. It is rare to find bubbles that move (enhydro).

Energy in all directions, window to past, present and future. Used for scrying or placed where it can emit healing energy all around your home or workplace. Good for groups, encourages communication.

Soul-Mate Quartz (Tantric Twin)
A pair of crystals about the same size growing from a common base, joined along one side but with distinct individual terminations. This stone draws a soul-mate to you. It teaches how to be unique and separate and yet be united with your partner. The closer the size the more balanced the partnership.

Protection against negativity.

Represents one’s hopes, aspirations and dreams. Five pointed evokes personal power, harmony and owning your own magical qualities.

Tree of Life
Wisdom, strength, protection, beauty, bounty. It is a symbol of creation and all that is. The tree provides protection and regeneration. The roots represent our beliefs, the trunk (mind & body) keeps us connected. The branches are us reaching out. All forms of life are connected to the universal energy and we as humans need to live in harmony with the rest of all living things. That is what the tree is telling us, all equal, all living as one.

Trigonic – Downward triangles on faces
High vibration, containing cosmic DNA codes. Takes you to the core of who you are. The triangles represent souls moving through lifetimes. Brings up unresolved personal or group conflicts for resolution. Their aim is to dissolve the war gene in our DNA, to help us to see that everything is equal and move us into unity with “ALL THAT IS”. Perfect for souls that feel trapped on earth.
Healing – Assist the brain, circulation and lymphatic system, fluid balance and swollen joints. In a Tibetan bowl, place a piece in water. Sounding the bowl transfers the vibration to the water.

Wands Massage
Traditional healing tool of Shamans and healers. Most wands are hand carved by man but have formed naturally. Wands are believed to have been used by the crystal healers of Atlantis. They are a powerful tool for channeled universal healing energy.

Symbolises compassion and indestructibility, like a diamond. Great wisdom and bliss.

Receptive, rules feminine, nurturing, protective, enduring, balance, unity together.

Rules masculine, forceful, drive and ambition.